Nothing comes close to the look and feel of handmade objects. Artisanal pieces, crafted with natural materials, add a much-needed juxtaposition to any room – grounding it in earth tones, while elevating the aesthetic. Heaps and Woods custom design service utilises the same network of quality carpenters, weavers and suppliers who produce our own collections bringing your design concepts to life. We take on projects big and small, from unique pieces for private customers to larger creative projects with architects, designers and independent businesses, bringing the skills, team and production expertise needed to make great design a reality.

How we do it

All design starts with an idea.

It could be a special table or chair discovered while travelling. It could even be a sketch on the back of a napkin. Together we can create something that will be loved now and treasured by future generations.

Custom pieces can take between 1 and 4 months to complete, depending on volume.

It’s a slower process than purchasing from our main collection, but we think it’s worth the wait for something completely unique.

Ready to get started? You bring the idea. We’ll bring the team.

1. The idea
We welcome your creativity, and eagerly await your design ideas, references and sketches. Once you submit your idea, we’ll be in touch to go over your concepts and create an initial design that encapsulates the furniture pieces you’re dreaming of.
2. Design
Marta, our creative director, will talk through your ideas and references with you. She’ll study the concept, and confirm the correct shape, proportions and components in a technical drawing. Once you’re happy, Louis will assist you in selecting the best materials, before your final design proceeds to our artisan workshop.
3. Production
Much like assembling a puzzle, our artisans will put together each component to create a prototype. During this period, we will keep you constantly updated with the progress of your bespoke order.
4. Delivery
The world is big, but we make it feel small. Louis identifies the most sustainable and effective ways to ship your piece from our workshop to your home.